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04-17-2015, 04:34 AM
I'm pretty sure we've all had the situation where someone in our everyday lives is just plain bored, and needs something to watch. So the point of this thread is to bring up good entry points to interest and lure them into this tainted world of fantasy for more, the more the merrier for better chances.


1. One or two sentences to describe what makes your show safe and appealing to people unfamiliar with Japanese animation works; such as a superior dub, a nice introduction or story that doesn't require understanding of Japanese culture, just a fun atmosphere or cast that is easily enjoyable, or anything else that would make it entertaining.

2. Quote of how you would pitch to that person in 5 seconds.

3. Optional - Any recommendations on what NOT to talk about to scare them off, like how long a story is, spoilers, or differences in manga / anime / light novel / what ever.

Example -

Full Metal Alchemist - Used to be shown on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) that may appeal to nostalgia of some, and is set in an alternate European setting. Also starts off with a nice short 2 episode arc to show the highlights of the characters and alchemy aspect of the world and hints at a larger story before layering in the emotional character back story in a flashback.

"You know that old story we used to watch late at night, you know the one with the short midget that would yell at his brother that was a giant suit of armor, kinda wished I either had his metal arm that he could turn into a sword with, or his alchemy to fix this stupid chair with *leans back and falls over*"

Do not talk about the brotherhood remake in front of him, wait for him to get done with the original anime before saying how bad the original ending was before dropping him in close to episode 11 of Brotherhood.

wicked liz
04-23-2015, 12:53 AM
The only show that this worked with for me was "Ninja Scroll" - it worked because it was cool while also being very much not Western animation (nudity and blood). It didn't really convert anyone though. In my country Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) showed on a local channel as part of the Saturday morning line up, this lead to a lot of converts. This was in the 1990's. Only a few became otaku like me, but anime is still something well known enough.

For all my sneakiness, my nephews picked up "Beyblade" on their own, since they got into the toys first (marketing really works).

Adult Swim has some great starter shows. Classics like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop have held up well, and introduced a lot of people into anime in the first place. For me, I'd also put shows like Black Lagoon and Samurai Champloo high on the rec list because they're edgy and have very western influences.

I'd also recommend the "Ghost in The Shell" movie, the original one. Post-The Matrix, a lot of people would be more willing to connect with the themes.

05-26-2015, 08:46 AM
just found this thread, i think id go for hetalia, its worked before

Good points: It's short, funny, cute and informative. It also has a great English dub, which I'd recommend over the Japanese.

Quote: Well, I'd either use what I said for good points, but another tried and tested method is to wait for something to link to the anime, (ie. someone playing out a stereotype, in real life or on tv) then casually bring it up; eg. "Haha, that reminds me of this show I watch, there's an Italian and he's always running away, or making white flags" *queue impression of him saying paaaaastaaaa* If they show interest, explain more, "actually, each character is a country, and it shows a lot of the history with all these fun stereotypes"

Things not to mention: Well... After saying it's short (which is true, 5 mins each), its probably best not to mention how many episodes there are, or series. Although, the fact that it has many episodes could be a good point, once they're hooked.
Also, this has a crazy fandom, so unless your target is already into fandoms (possible, even without anime; Dr who, Supernatural, Avengers, etc), it's best to hide that.