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Here I will post....
hmm... whatever random thing that pops up in my mind,
or possibly in newspapers.

See ya// Naam

  1. Hello fellow AF members (or anyone it concerns)!


    Unless you're new here you prolly know me and might've noticed
    that I've returned from almost a year long absence.
    I had my reasons for it, what it was is not needed to be said.
    Just thought to let you all know that I've moved back to the site, permanently.
    Got more time on my hands and naturally want to invest that on AF.
    Unless my account would get banned, there's no getting rid of me now.

    A few changes:

  2. The Halloween Banner?

    Well, this is more like a question of how long
    the Halloween Banner's been here on the front page?
    Noticed it just now you see
    Anyways, I like it. Whoever made that banner,

    Have a nice evening/day/night/morning, folks!
    It's 5:03 am over here, so my cat's currently having breakfast
    and I'm having a cup of blackcurrant flavored tea.
    Very nice.

    Buh-bye (fer now)
  3. 6 days of fire... only 1 month more to go

    Right, so for the past five days there has been a wildfire right on the outside of Sala, a city a few miles away from mine.
    So far, the staff of the emergency services believed the fire to be out at the end of the month.
    Apparently, it will take longer time than that.
    Not only has there been extremely dry in the country during the past month, the current weather with strong and unpredictable winds and the occasional thunderstorms is also making it harder for the staff to deal ...
  4. Just one of those nights...

    Right... this is just one of those nights when everything feels kind of "blah".
    Dunno why that is.
    Perhaps it's because it's cold and rainy outside.
    Perhaps it's because of that stupid airplane that just passed over my house, sounding a bit too much like a thunderstorm. (Seriously, it did)

    Yah, just a small rant.
  5. I'm back... for now

    Hi all.
    Well, haven't been that active lately.
    I probably won't be as active as I was before,
    though I will (most likely) log in once or twice a a week for short period of times (like maybe an hour).
    It's not that I don't like the site, cuz I really do, it's just that I don't have much energy at the moment to be online and when I am, I usually spend the time on other sites (youtube).

    Well, that's all for now.
    See ya

    // Naam
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