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  1. 4 eyes :(

    Solol at 31one i gave up.
    Dany entered the glasses book club
    myopia.-2 ar right, -1,75 at left
    and dry eyes
    o have a feeling for close can't see **** either o.0
  2. Calling the AF artists

    First, hello there all been a good time done a blog.

    Second, I'm alive still

    I need 3 banners, to be placed before the chapter aswhom the POV will be instead of I writing

    "xxx" POV...will be the banner and each to include a gif as well

    The images, gifs, idea, text on will be delivered by e of course, but because I been for a long time away do not rember who can work with gifs in signatures for example

    The ...
  3. The Raven's Lullaby [poem]

    takes it down

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  4. Potty Mouth [ch 1 up]

    Spoiler: :O

    Shameless advertise of my upcoming new 'book'

    [it shall be a lot of swearing]

    been a time since made a blog

    Well if is anyone interested first ch: April 10 :O

    still ongoing ones : a rogue legacy[werewolf theme] and astray[which is my main - teen fiction]

    so decided to be on 1st person


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  5. Dany has new stoey [werewolf theme ]

    Ya right .... had is more better said

    but now that got your attention let's promote on AF my new story. It is been a long time since many of you read something wrote about me. In the last years i finished 2 novels one over 83 k which is Saphir a fantasy bl story and the other a teen fiction Shambles in the dusk with over 120 k i must brag a bit because i put effort in all.

    In november and this monrth started new a sequel and a new fantsy story bl of course but the

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