1. Hokage for a day!

    Many of you may not like naruto, that is fine. I on the other hand love naruto and viz media is doing a contest for a free trip to new york comic con.

    I am just asking for help to share my video and help me win basically.

    Just simply like the video and and commment and maybe share. I just really want to go and meet kishimoto.

    I really appreciate it if you guys helped.
  2. Member's Choice Awards revenge of the Sith

    More like White... but since white isn't showing up anymore on here and hasn't shown his face in awhile. If you read my past blog of MCA then you might have a guess what this will be?

    Well you're all wrong :O
    Its about my campaign of voting for the most attractive female... This year Undertaker gets my full attention.

    Lets all vote for UT, animeflame's most attractive female!

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  3. NSFW: needy song freedom writers

    Well lately my birthday past and well life hasn't gone my way at all... First my great aunt passes (this is the 2nd time a family member died around my birthday this puts me in a gloom postion already.) next my computer randomly feels like breaking down for no reason, I lost my job and I have no clue as to how or why and my boss isn't telling me I am officially out of the job yet but I can take the hints. Plus my favorite all time manga just ends out of all times on my birthday as well which is ...

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  4. AnimeFlame's Fantasy American Football league

    Talking with Osna before, I made a fantasy league as a competition of sorts for AF. I am now spreading the word for those who are willing to join.

    For now I set it to a small number since I don't know how many people are willing or wanting to join, I ask if you can verify that its you and not some random person that got into the league. (So I couldn't kick them.)

    I can edit the options to add more people later if it needs it. ...

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  5. How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Review

    First and foremost I am talking about the last episode of the series, so if its spoilers for you please look away, but if you don't care then read on.

    Nine years ago, I first started to watch this series I found it awesome. I watched it night and day, 3-5 times per episode. Before people try finding plot holes for it and I always tried to protect the series. As I went along those nine years laughing, crying, enjoying each moment. But nope it was all for nothing when this last ...

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