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  1. Hey thereeeeeee yoo hoo ~

    wauw literally come back after I dont remember when was the last time Im log in on this website seeing all the thread literally dying is sad.. But hyeeee its life isnt it? Letttt seee hmmm tons of drama threadsss.. more OP stuff oh uhh some manga/manhwa thread... uhh there actually tons of thread still alive that I didnt notice lel... But at least the website still alive and that is good desu umu~! Most important AF the only place that have all this ridiculous cactus emoji lmaoo ...
  2. Mobile Gamesss

    yeah the title said it all.. was gonna talk about Mobile game on Gaming thread but to think of it not even worth of topic to begin with D; its not even console to begin with not even PC masterace level... it just QQ..

    still I think it worth for blog level material anyway..

    So yeah anyone fond with this type of game? im only hook for Chain Chronicles and Pokemon Shuffle Moblie right now.. and yeahhh nintendo give some freebie code for Mobile and 3DS for launching Pokemon ...
  3. Japanese Blog becuz I like Japanese stuff


    I need new online multiplayer browser game to play but cant find one QQrino soo sad.. I wish I can find one that make me addict to it... oh well im not good at find one.. I only wish I can find website similar like omgpop.. Zynga suck so bad... even mobile game boring as ... mostly of em connect to fb asking for heart, asking to share... too much hassle... playing town of salem alone are sad now QQrino cant do anything when playing alone the influence ...
  4. Deviant Nelkk Strike Again ~ #Warning# ~ PG-13

    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Darc-star View Post
    actually kinda sad that this finished
    ended well, they managed to wrap everything up ^.^

    the brother radar was good, haha
    what was with him going to reis house though? 0.o

    and when his friend got serious, i thought maybe he was going to confess >.<
    ive been tainted forever =0
    You silly girl you!

    Quote Originally Posted by wicked liz View Post
    Don't tempt me Revy
    Don't do it liz, don't!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darc-star View Post
    actually, was planning to start the
  5. RIP Nelkk...

    We can no longer see her in normal state....

    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg hecamehecamehecamehecamehecamehecamehecamehecam

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