Darc-star's Bizarre Adventures in Japan

  1. no computer for around 24 hours, and counting, and some good news

    So, my charger has been on its way out for a few months now, but last night it finally gave up (T.T)
    Now i have no idea what to do... Just sitting, and waiting...
    Did make myself study some Japanese, and do some tidying, but...

    I want my laptop back

    I could buy a new charger from Amazon, but it's kinda expensive, would take a few days to arrive, and tbh, my laptop is a few years old now, and pretty darn slow...
    So i was looking at getting ...
  2. Karaoke

    I happen to have another day all by myself, with nothing to do...


    I might go to karaoke again
    I mean, it was only 2 days ago that I went last, but...

    Anyway, I need help with some songs to sing...
    Any suggestions/requests?

    I'll try to sing anything suggested, if I know it
    And... If it's one I know and can sing without mistakes... I might try to record it
    Last time I tried this, they ...

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  3. Photo dump, as promised!

    Turns out the photos are to big to fit?
    Edit: Never mind, just the preview >.<

    My home-made bento!

    Our lunch spot!


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  4. Plum blossoms

    I'm sure there's nobody around here who doesn't know of the traditional Japanese Hanami event, in which people sit and have a picnic under the cherry blossoms.

    Well, it's still rather early for that, but tomorrow my boyfriend and I will go see some plum blossoms. To be honest, they might not be in full bloom yet either, but with a work schedule like mine, you take what you can get.
    As my boyfriend's on the night shift tonight I've been put in charge of the food, so, to make ...
  5. Cyprus, Japanese hospitals, and inactivity

    So yea, I haven't been so active recently... Been checking every day, but I haven't caught up on my anime at all, so can't read the discussion threads (and I seriously hate that it resets everything after 3 days...)
    For those who noticed, sorry... And I can't even say that I'll be back properly soon either (Well, I might be, but I can't promise anything)

    So basically, I went on holiday to Cyprus with my parents for Christmas and New Year. Saw many ruins, and cats, and mosaics, ...

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