1. New York City

    This is a strange little blog post I'm making, but something I just felt like doing.

    Have you ever been to New York?

    I have. Several times now.

    As a European, New York was... dazzling. Skyscrapers all around, while potholes and garbage give the city the grim appearance (and smell) unlike any other city in the world. Yet, somehow, I felt strangely at home in this city. Going from Rudy's Bar in Hell's Kitchen (Seriously, go here. Awesome place.) to my ...
  2. Kun's Adventure in the U.S.

    Been here a week now and, by popular demand, here are the things I've discovered so far:

    - You can get pizza literally everywhere
    - Beef jerky is the greatest thing on the face of the planet
    - Americans can't drink
    - Bars close earlier than I expected
    - Americans are very proud, whether it's their community, their favorite team, or their country; they take pride in it. This is not a bad thing, but a fun thing.
    - They're very curious and friendly, ...
  3. So ready!

  4. A little realization

    Oh, hey there...

    I was at my parents a while ago, helping my dad clean out the garage. He's the type of guy who buys stuff impulsively because "he's gonna use it aaaall the time." We got rid of a rowing machine he used twice that day, as well as some kind of vibrating mattress that was supposed to help his back problems. As I was sifting through piles of old junk, I came across this box of stuff my parents collected from me and my sisters over the years. There was so much ...
  5. Follow-up on my quest to lose weight

    So, going to the gym turned out to be kinda boring. Since then, I've started playing rugby, which gave me the incentive to start working out more to be a better addition to my team.

    I've lost about 10 pounds and finally managed to get some arm/leg muscles showing.

    The belly-fat has been shrinking, though drinking beer doesn't help.

    Anyhow, I'm happy to say I feel much better and healthier. Going for a jog no longer exhausts me like it used to.
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