Jiko Takuhaibin

  1. Mom's Memorial and A Happy Birthday!

    One year ago today, my mother passed away. It was also my birthday - she waited to see me turn a year older. It was the greatest gift she could ever give me (next to giving birth to me, that is!).
    But I am not sad, rather, I will share with her each birthday wish that I receive, each present that I open, each bite of birthday cake that I take.
    Thanks to this wonderful AF Forums for making 2015 a little less lonely.
    Looking forward to more activity in 2016!
    (Thanks for ...
  2. Sand Art

    Was going through some old videos and found this.
    So mellow, so beautiful...
  3. A Happy New Year to all...and resolutions...

    A very Happy New Year to all!

    My New Year's resolution for 2014? To realize that I am not in control of everything in my life, and to either accept or disregard things that tick me off.

    And also watch dramas to balance the real drama in my life.
  4. A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    This has been a pretty turbulent year for me, all sorts of things happening, both good and bad. I also had to work late tonight so I thought I wouldn't be able to have turkey. But a very good friend so kindly shared their feast with us.

    We also saw the sad closing of AC/DC, but now have reunited at this wonderful AF!

    We have so much to be thankful for!

    So now that I've pigged out on too much turkey and stuffing and pie, I am going to roll my sorry ...