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  1. PPAP guy still popular?

  2. Johnny, Average Man

    Looking for criticism on the quality of my writing, I don't plan to write more than the intro, so don't look forward to a continuation of this thing
    Johnny is an average man, he grew up in Canver, Phobussal, was a smart kid in school, studied history and archaeology in university, but never got to finish since he was so broke. He had found work in Double Burgers, a crude and rundown fast food restaurant on Mania. The worst on the planet. The job didn't pay well, but in this cruel world, money ...

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  3. So ready!

  4. A video that reaffirms my love for the Japanese Yodeling guy.

  5. I'm seriously going to start training for the Hunger Games

    Apparently the news this week is just going to keep vacillating between unbelievable hilarity and incredulity.

    But can I just rage a bit?

    If people want to control my uterus that badly can they just take it from me? Please. I don't want kids, and I don't want you telling me what I can and cannot do.

    Once every month my uterus decides to protest my non-pregnant state by wreaking havoc on my brain and organs. This happens (in spades with pointy exclamation ...
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