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    I think I joined AC around 2009 and it was to argue about One Piece vs Bleach. Man, that seems like forever ago.

    Anyway, nice to see some old faces here again.
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    @Fire...oh hush child

    @Dany...really? I think they are awesome. Some make me laugh and then cry xD came back? Or was that another site >.> lol its's great seeing you too^^
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    ohh sht my bully back
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    welcome back
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    10 years!? Where has the years gone.
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    This made you feel old? I joined AC 10 years ago. D::: I'm practically a walking corpse. >>"

    But yeah, you're old, I remember that username. :O
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revy Ragnarok
    y r u even here :U
    Why wouldn't I be here? I love this place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K9VoidSlash
    o hi c:
    hoiii ~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone-Free
    Welcome back Revy bae
    y r u even here :U
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    o hi c:
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    Welcome back Revy bae
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    Happy New Year Kaname. Good to see ya.
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    i still can't stand the Asian dramas
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    No freaking way. It's Kaname!
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    Hey, nice to see you are still about fireclawX
  17. FireclawX's Avatar
    Oh my. There's quite a bit of nostalgia going around now is there :P
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    His other Japan videos aren't any better apparently, at least that is what Yuta says, but I won't go and watch them, because i don't want to give him any more views.
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    Very unfortunate...
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    Yep the guy is a tool. Him and his brother
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