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  1. Me after the Inauguration:

  2. time 2 close up shop

    forum dead time to delete brodies dont cling so badly to nostaligia its not healthy just move on
  3. Let it snow ♫♫

    It is could outside, so let's fire it up here a bit...
    Constantly I run into those comments on facebook, which basically say:
    anime = cartoon

    I admit that both are animations, but you still can't say they are equal.
    What normally comes to my mind when somebody says cartoon
  4. A little realization

    Oh, hey there...

    I was at my parents a while ago, helping my dad clean out the garage. He's the type of guy who buys stuff impulsively because "he's gonna use it aaaall the time." We got rid of a rowing machine he used twice that day, as well as some kind of vibrating mattress that was supposed to help his back problems. As I was sifting through piles of old junk, I came across this box of stuff my parents collected from me and my sisters over the years. There was so much ...
  5. Off to great start :sigh:

    As it happens Microsoft seems to have sent something making the watermark appear out of nowhere. They actually invalidated my current CD key and now have no way to reactivate windows

    What is lost? So far just personalization..... Somehow was able to hide the watermark
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