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  1. Well sh!t happens I guess.

    I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I've been banned from kissanime
  2. Well there

  3. 4 eyes :(

    Solol at 31one i gave up.
    Dany entered the glasses book club
    myopia.-2 ar right, -1,75 at left
    and dry eyes
    o have a feeling for close can't see **** either o.0
  4. 4 all-time favourite manga to read

    This article gives arrangements of a top of the line manga arrangement to date. This rundown is constrained to Japanese manga and does exclude manhwa, manhua or unique English-dialect manga. The arrangement is recorded by the most astounding deals gauge of their gathered tankōbon volumes as detailed in dependable sources.

    Arrangement presently running is featured in green, and all arrangement is recorded in their English authority titles when accessible. These are the 4 most ...
  5. New York City

    This is a strange little blog post I'm making, but something I just felt like doing.

    Have you ever been to New York?

    I have. Several times now.

    As a European, New York was... dazzling. Skyscrapers all around, while potholes and garbage give the city the grim appearance (and smell) unlike any other city in the world. Yet, somehow, I felt strangely at home in this city. Going from Rudy's Bar in Hell's Kitchen (Seriously, go here. Awesome place.) to my ...
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