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  1. Having a fever during holidays...

    I have been studying/working in UK for the last 10 months. Obviously I missed my family and friends, so I ordered a flight to Lithuania for quite a long time - 6 weeks.

    The week before my flight I was in a really good mood. I was always checking what's the weather in Lithuania and it seemed rather good for such time (we tend to have very cold winter) + there was still no snow. Now I didn't put on too much clothes since I didn't want to sweat in the plane (CBA to take everything ...
  2. AF boys help

    Well the next questions will might look odd but im getting ready for a new story and i'm doing some reseach. My characters are all young boys over 17 of course [no lil ones]

    Asked my friends already[i love how they blushed a bit] but need more answers not my friends...i know those idiots ...well not satisfied... they are damn old now )))

    1. what is the most popular game now and you play like obsessed?[never play games not interested]

    2. How much you ...

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  3. After 'Life is Strange'

    So I got the great absolute pleasure of playing this game a few months ago and after I was done, I was a mess. I wanted to come back and post about it but I forgot. I remembered just now because Steam is having a sale on Episode 1 for free.

    This was such a wonderful and great story! A long time ago, Lucian told me to play it and I wanted to check it out but I didn't have anything to play it on. After a while, I finally got a PS4 and I finally got to play it. I am so glad that I got
  4. How to win every SoTW

    I've been getting lots of requests so here it is

    feel free to comment xo

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  5. Germany won!

    Germany 1 - 0 Argentina. Bad's prediction was right!

    Germany did it ! U can't do it now Argentina.. only 6 min left =P