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    im pretty sure we can still talk about that in the real thread, but lets wait until a mod stops us XD

    Mexico went crazy on episode 130. so

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    Free Roam - Caverns of Ocean Deep

    Green Finale - Stahl Camp
    Day Breaks!

    [Agents | VII-X | Morag | Leonard | ?]

    Dos would listen to the hurried Paul.

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    Ellie Q

    One Piece RPG Master Thread

    I am iffy with the manget bits. Ranged juicing is already quite powerful as a concept. I will approve the ranged bit, but leave the magnet for P20.

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    Ellie Q

    One Piece RPG: OOC Thread #10

    JJ takes a bit to get the flow. It's all purposeful, but shrouded and dark, per the heroine's own past.

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    Last Drama Completed?

    Bad Guys: Vile City - 7/10

    I loved 1st season and while I enjoyed watching this one - I got to admit that this one was just plain boring.

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