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  1. Stan Lee can't keep getting away with this.
  2. Yep so sad. dude was a legend artist.
  3. Dude, Steve Dillon is dead.
  4. ni(we are all one race)gga where tf you buy comics, goddamn cant find a site worth for **** nowhere. :'(
  5. well i trust you more than the other ****ers on the internet so imma go torrent it real quick. idk how to support it tho. it aint on my tv.
  6. they nailed the essence of the characters and the tone. It'll never be a panel for panel adaption man this is TV. some things will play out a bit different but the stories will be the same. The producers and Garth Ennis himself said our favourite things will be put in the show. Fans need to support this hard or it's gonna get axed like Constantine We don't want that right?
  7. i heard it was awful and completely unrelated to the comics. is that true?
  8. bro preacher out gogogogogogo watch
  9. thanks brodie D: <
  10. happy birthday D:
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