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  1. Take all the time you need.
    I know better than anyone what it's like to deal with stuff. :x
  2. Hey.. sorry I havent been on. I've been dealing with some stuff
    I'll be on tomorrow
  3. hey i messaged you on discord lol
  4. I'm not against it, but I also have 0 experience with something like that. :x
  5. Hey. Do you wana make a campaign with me?
  6. posted. I'll collect. I gotta use it for my report i think
  7. Posted. After you post you can collect it, or shoot me another VM and I will collect it.
  8. I done did it. This has started a opportunity for character development in Ajani!!!!!
  9. Not sure if the Tracker is going to be updated today or not until next week, but 2 more posts from you and one more post from me will wrap this up.

    It was pretty ballin if i don't say so myself. *hoho's at pun*
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