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  1. Hey, I saw you wanted a raid suit, so I got a deal for you. I got two things of Spidey Silk I ain't using. I'll sell them to you for 1,750k each. All you'll need to do is alter them to you're liking. They are just as durable as Raid Suits, but they are susceptible to fire. Way cheaper than a raid suit though.
  2. I'll try and respond tonight. Been busy with homework and studying for a test on Thursday.
  3. I have responded, or at least, have continued somewhat of Rogue's storyline in FOG. Right here.
  4. Garra and I are totally coming for you in FoG
  5. You wouldn't happen to want to trade the Yomi for the Magnet, would ya?
  6. You should claim the Dragon MZ and give it Cybernetic Freedom. Cyborg Dragon would be rad.
  7. I have considered this option and Ellie has stated I believe on occasion, that it's probably okay for something like this.
  8. Hey, I might have come up with a cool Kage perk. You could get an awakening perk to allow you to manipulate shadows like Pride from FMA.
  9. You forced Suu's hand... Good luck
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