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  1. Mmm, I don't think any real deals can be offered at the moment. Kinda just won a lot of Bakumetal, so it'd be quite difficult for me to give it up. Sorry Bombski :/
  2. Any deals for her
  3. Yeah, what about it?
  4. Magnet?
  5. Well I'll let you know by the end of the week
  6. I actually don't really mind if you want it back. I've got the Gasu too so...
  7. My ito motivation is returning and with spring break I was gonna take t back but I think I'll let you have it till the end of March at least.
  8. Indeed, I'll be making a post with said character pretty soon. Apologies.
  9. dont lose me fruit
  10. Sorry, he isn't available yet.

    Tho, I am making an IC for Cerberus, so perhaps you could meet up with him there, tho he'll be disguised as someone else.
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