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  1. Hey, you. Yeah, you. You’re ****ing awesome. Keep that **** up!
  2. 1) Basic Weapon
    2) Armor
    3) Advanced Gadgets
    4) Elemental Weapon

    Pretty much how it goes. Cyborgs get a free basic weapon, like a chainsaw. Then work up from there.
  3. Don't need anything. Just wondering since I don't think I've ever actually spend a whole ton of money on cyborg stuff. And not quite sure if there's a standard package that people start with at first or not. Is the installing fee still a thing?
  4. A ****-ton (I really can't remember).

    What do you need?
  5. Just wondering, how much did all the cybernetic gear cost on that one CP9 character in total?
  6. I thought I already had added ya. It should be 004, 823, 507. And the Hades Pirates are me~
  7. Gimme your OPTC ID!
  8. Shieeeet. I could probably do that. Oh wait...****. Well, I'm actually involved with Rogue in another storyline with Kashi. Hmm, I suppose I can work around it if I manage to message him >.>"
  9. Done. You're the 2nd spot. I'd recommend you use Rougue, as Halloween will be part of it.
  10. Hey. I'm interested in that storyline you're doing with the World Nobles. Anyway where I would be able to fit in there at all?
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