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  1. So i've thought about it for a year and .. it was a threat
  2. you said that though... hmm....

    like the page
  3. is it? I wouldn't know ...

    too hardcore for me thank you very much
  4. Is that a threat

    Real Nigga shiiiid right there
  5. you will be. you will.

    sounds like some real dope website mmmmh
  6. salty about what lol its not me who's getting raped :^)

    invite them to like Memes for the Mentally Ill om facebook dot come

  7. spontaneous enough to go out for a group rape I guess (psht why so salty?)


  8. how spontaneous can germans be when their country's infested with filthy refugees? :^]

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. play doubt with you're lecturers.

    apology accept, peasant, now kneel before the ceaser overlord supreme nigga <];-y
  9. well yeah... just more humorous and spontaneous than the average german person ... i fcking hope


    oh well if that's the case then I'm sorry for that preposterous suggestion oh myyyyy
  10. wew you became a full on normie lad

    study what dude

    why tf would i do something like that boa i'm havin the time of my life
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