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  1. Never!

  2. i posted for Flower and Shilial

    you post now :O
  3. Ok I can do that
  4. would you mind making the next post for Flower and your character :O

    unless something happens, Flower will just keep cleaning >.>

    but he probably will follow you where you go now :O cause he thinks your a nice lady

    also he wants to clean for you since you said you needed things cleaned
  5. Ok
  6. ill respond to you later today in AV :O
  7. It's warm here
  8. welp i hope you enjoy Mexico :O
  9. She's just annoying and useless

    Oh okay I'll read them just for Rex Splode

    He really is. He's so much of these characters rolled into one and because Invincible doesn't follow all the tropes he can actually win and take over the world.
  10. why :O ?

    cause shes a woman ?
    or her powers :O ?

    also if you dont read them then you can get Rex Splodes back story either

    also i love Rudy/Rex/Robot

    hes like
    Mr Fantastic , Tony Stark, Lex Luthor, and Doctor Doom all rolled into one character
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