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  1. Miss you. I hope all is well. :')
  2. I missed u stoneeeeyyyy
  3. Riiiiiiia
  4. Stoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. And share your winnings with me
    I don't know lol >.>
    Oh yea, psychology. You could be a model though, that's for sure. n.n
    Did you apply yourself as best you could for the exam?
  6. ill win
    why would i delete it :O
    hahahahahha modeling ? yeah right, its a psychology internship :P
    yes, yes i do, i did so bad that i was like why am i even giving the exam >.> so baka
  7. No one, I'm just saying
    Awww that's sweet of you n.n, but you can delete it now if you want. lol
    A modeling internship?
    You don't know that.
  8. who says im losing
    well right now i was cleaning up my playlist and i found the song u sang <3 ride with me i still have it after a year
    be happy :m.m:
    well i have been doing an internship
    soon my college starts
    and i have my result on 13th, and it will suck 0_--
  9. Not when you lose though
    So whatcha been up to?
  10. well duh, it was fun
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