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  1. Actually. I'll take it. Full potential or not. I will use it, and if someone wants it who can do it better, it is a good trade option, right?
  2. I wouldn't be able to do it justice. x.x
  3. Want the Ito?
  4. So regarding our spar. You can make your post, and stick around to ensure it doesn't happen, and I can realize that I don't have the stamina to continue for much longer, and opt to end things now. So it should still only take one or two more posts to wrap things up.
  5. Post edited.
  6. No, I'll have to retrieve Frederigo and force you to retreat. If I fail to do this within a certain time-frame, you win.
  7. What would be my victory conditions? Simply defeat you, or will at one point you be forced to retreat?
  8. Just confirm in the tracker if you need the money. :O
  9. Lol, I goofed. Profession change is 600k, not 500k. So your 200k or not, I would have to wait till the clear regardless.
  10. Lol, she can be fascinated by my awesome electro. Yes.
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