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  1. But at least this one you have more variety, can can do more while still have a defensive function
  2. I mean you can make a blade using microscopic cubes?
  3. Hmmm. I will still lose a lot of my kit since it was focused on making a blade appear at will basically. But it's better than what I was thinking. Is it yours or do I just claim it in the thread?
  4. What hype suggested to me was CoA would allow you to cube air and have it become dense with Haki to defend you.

    CoO would be if you're tryna fight long range with the cubes and your cube creations. Also I forgot to mention, you can control your cubes akin to telekinesis. The best perk to have Iis awakening so you can up the scale of how much you can cube and increase how well you can control it. The telekinesis is what allows you to build golems and other items with your cubes
  5. Alright. Would you recommend I go CoA or CoO for it? Sounds like it doesn't need CoA, but I could be wrong.
  6. Due to you solidifying abstract materials and cubing them they can act as shields. You can even effectively cube Logias just by them touching you
  7. You can even create things with smaller cubes through the photoshop effect where even a circle if zoomed in enough is a bunch of squares i.e. cubes
  8. Think of Crash from Fairy Tail. That's the offensive part.

    Defensively on contact as a passive you can have it to where anything that touches you with I'll intent will be cubed

    Can cube air for offense or platforms
  9. How defensive is the Cube?
  10. I am not overly familiar with the Cube though.
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