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  1. I was called Tsunade201 on animecrazy, don't know if you've ever seen it come by?
  2. I'm a NEET too. The hardcore kind.

    True, I did confuse you for someone else. My bad. But I think we met in AC at some point.
  3. I'm kind of a NEET right now

    also I think you may have me confused with someone else
  4. I was pretty good friends with Aclaw and Freya. I interacted with Vee sometimes. Really? You are younger than I originally thought. Are you in college now? I went to college and already graduated. Now I kinda wish I didn't waste so much time in college though.
  5. I remember those 3 names yeah but never really interacted with them,
    I wasn't a model, just a middle school student/neet later on
  6. Do you remember Freya, Vidavee and Aclaw? They were pretty active then. I hope more activity comes, but everyone sort of moved on with their lives. If I remember right, you were a model. How is that going for you?
  7. yeah it's not really active here, don't even remember those two
    at least activity seems to be sort of coming back now? sort of, ... sort off..
  8. How could you forget me?

    XD, it's understandable. We weren't that close. I wonder what happened to Urary and pretty much everyone. I don't see Steph anymore either. Everyone left.
  9. hey, yeh been a while, even forgot who you where xD
  10. Hi. I haven't seen you in forever.
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