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  1. Yeah, I'll most likely be available for it when it's ready.
  2. Hey dude. Remember the thing we did back in WG IC that was supposed to lead to me GM'ing a second interaction? I'm currently working on a set up, and I want to finish the thing I have in IB IC first before I get into it. Maybe sooner. I dunno. Let me know if you're still motivated for that storyline.
  3. Hey Ace

    Are we supposed to reply to WG IC or do we just wait for an arrival at G-1? Or do I post about us arriving at G-1 and this going down?
  4. I may join later with an NPC or something.

    My motivation for all RP is low atm.
  5. Damn, that sucks. D:

    Anyhow, thanks.
  6. I had a post made, then lost it when it failed to post last night. Just go ahead without me.
  7. Hey, just wanted to ask whether you plan on posting in the WG IC plot, because it's been a week and it's sort of the only thing I'm involved with atm. If you're busy then perhaps me and/or Kun can continue with the plot ourselves with Ichi and stuff?
  8. Actually, we'll do G-1. It would also tie in with my character taking command over it after the Sensui ordeal is finished. Good for development, makes sense IC as well since G-1 is in New World and is a serious base.
  9. Well, I asked Ichi as well. He says WG IC, so let's go with that.
  10. I was under the impression that it was going to be in the new free roam. Either way, Juri isn't taking part.
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