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  1. alrighty
  2. My post was in case it still is. Juri is still doing the thing regardless.
  3. Hey

    Did you read my last post?

    Irra already attacked the meteor that you said is still coming to the plaza. I got a bit confused. xD
  4. Magnet for Gravi xD
  5. I'm glad last week was an easy night for you so we could at least meet once, would've been unfortunate if both times hadn't worked out
  6. Aww

    Well, ok, we tried. Thanks man, get some sleep!
  7. Not going to be able to do it. Haven't gotten any sleep tonight.
  8. Okay, will do.
  9. Ace! So, on the 27th, I'll have internet at about 7-8 am. Let me know by then (on AF, facebook is slow to charge on the ship) if we can meet.
  10. Aceee!! Man today was really enjoyable, thanks for meeting up!

    About the 27th of January, if you're up for it, Maria and I would love to meet up with you again, so we can treat you to some food and drinks (any place you want!). But if we do meet, it means I don't take the shuttle in the morning provided by the cruiseline to go to the airport, so then you'd have to take us. It's the Bush Airport in Houston.

    I think we'll get off of the ship by around 9ish and we only need to be at the airport at around 4ish, so we'd have a lot of time to go around and eat and drink if you want.

    Up to you, but I'd definitely love to treat you back
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