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  1. Posted. Wrap it u and tracker it pls.

    Gj, it was fun.
  2. Sounds good. I'll also make a wrap up post after.
  3. Ill post today or tomorrow.
    Do you want me to finish it so it can be cleared?
  4. Replied. Based on how it's going... One or two more posts until it's time to wrap it up.
  5. Posted in our thingy.
  6. Alright, and I replied finally. o:
  7. Me personally I'd just let it play out the way it plays out
  8. Do you wanna wrap things up soon, or extend it for a bit for more reward potential? Since it's so far away from Sunday (tracker day).
  9. Posted in our thingy.
  10. Well if not, I will redo my post. Until then, replied.
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