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  1. Ichiii, go update n.n
  2. Cool. All three are great, honestly, hard to choose.

    Hie = logia. Gura = strongest. Gravi = versatility.
  3. I really, really wanted the Hie, had a char in mind for it, but since Hype didn't get the Gura in his arena fight or in the 4 paths quest, I'll buy him the Gura. I think he'll probably give me the Gravi in return. But ye, Hie was the plan.
  4. Ohh, cool. Which one are you going for?
  5. I would love to, but in... 26 stat points... when I have 100 GP and can buy a new DF from golden plaza. Making a new char. I wanna do something with that. So hurry up and finish FoS. xD
  6. You want to do something in RA IC with VII-X? That'd be cool. Warning, I don't want to GM it (xD)

    VII-X is back to 300, so I'm playing a downgrade, but should still be solid. I have more time now cause I'm studying for the bar, and thus post during my breaks from studying.
  7. You're the best story GM in my book, so I do have a lot of confidence in you. xD

    I'm loving it so far. I sort of miss you using VII though. xD
  8. Post is actually done lol.

    Im just gonna sleep on the speech part of it. Been dropping hints like a mofo. Ending will pull everything together. Hoping yall will like the twists (plural)!!
  9. Ew. Yall put too much confidence in me

    Though the set-up for the battle is solid, one I would love to be in as a PC (inside an Oars, fighting two deities connected to the Oars, in a lava stomach for the fate of the Sky <3)

    But Yosha! Ill try my best.
  10. So excited for the FoS fight xD
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