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  1. Hey

    I posted in FoS
  2. Yo! I'm so happy you remembered that because that is the key to Irra's big reveal at the end of the Campaign. I love you.

  3. But that's probably not the answer, just Irra's initial thought process, because of how she is.

    The key is probably aphrodite's swords ''beware of your pandora''.
  4. All Irra can think of is stabbing Majuro's eye.. >_>
  5. Posted in FoS.

    Itís all coming together. Big things coming if you figure it out.
  6. Ichiii, go update n.n
  7. Cool. All three are great, honestly, hard to choose.

    Hie = logia. Gura = strongest. Gravi = versatility.
  8. I really, really wanted the Hie, had a char in mind for it, but since Hype didn't get the Gura in his arena fight or in the 4 paths quest, I'll buy him the Gura. I think he'll probably give me the Gravi in return. But ye, Hie was the plan.
  9. Ohh, cool. Which one are you going for?
  10. I would love to, but in... 26 stat points... when I have 100 GP and can buy a new DF from golden plaza. Making a new char. I wanna do something with that. So hurry up and finish FoS. xD
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