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  1. Night.
  2. I don't know what to say, considering I have not watched any shows in some time. I actually came here to listen to music links to which I had posted in a thread here.
  3. Yes. What threads would you suggest I post in?

  4. Posted.
  5. This is my first forum game thread
    Please vote here for my personal curiosity.
  6. Yeah ~ n.n They are ofc not completly useless but for me they are~
    I too want to learn further on my own from now on.
  7. They are not useless,
    I just find it difficult to communicate with other people and I dislike examinations.
    I still wish to learn about history and philosophy,
    but of my own volition,
    through reading, writing and meditation.
  8. Cool n.n
    Same here : D I am dropping out of school though~And gonna start working at my dad's place soon....Studies are useless T.T
  9. I read novels, philosophy and history,
    but I do not want to return to University.
    My father expects me to,
    but my plan is to persuade him otherwise.
    I would rather find enlightenment with out the aid of an institution.
  10. Nah xD no one is too old to enjoy stuff~I hope i remain the same when i grow up :3
    Do you study?
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