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  1. G-BT11 has hit the US! As soon as my sister gets her check, I can purchase the Witch cards from it too. <3
  2. don't think so, Mint has been discussed as the backup G3, depending on the rest of the support it might make SB6 not that bad
  3. It got a nice new Stride unit too. Perfect for when I don't wanna SB6 for Clove. Sadly, I think Mint will be replaced for this new G3, even though I LOVE Mint so much. D:
  4. Genesis Witch gained more support and a new G3
  5. Nope. Still Genesis Witches for me. Especially with the Cardfight Online canceled. I don't have the $$$ for other decks, nor do I care to deal with the fan made online programs.
  6. tried any new decks? recently I've been playing Tachikaze, Narukami and Gear Chronicle (Zodiac)
  7. Not as much as a used to, but now and then I do.
  8. you still play Vanguard?
  9. we just need more people to participate
  10. I didn't think it needed replying since we were talking in the thread. >_> Or were you talking about the actual thread? If so, blame my short attention span and the fact that it was usually never in the "Recently Posted in" threads on the main page.
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