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  1. That could work too. Though I am not as familiar with it (only watched 15~ eps of the first season)
  2. I'd love Log Horizon
  3. Or just something that hasn't been done (on AF at least). I'd be interested in attempting a SAO/Fate/KonoSuba RP.
  4. Ye a new manga that replaces Naruto and Bleach with the same amount of success needs to come out. xD
  5. Fine. Some ups and downs the past month (mostly downs), but fine.

    I don't see to have much of an RP drive left. Kinda hoping something new and interesting sparks my interest again.
  6. Thanks <3

    How you been?
  7. Late af, but you can have all of my OP stuffs. Berry/items/etc.
  8. Ignored n.n
  9. Sir, buy my 10 muggy balls for 1,5m, I need moneys.
  10. Don't forget to post in CoD.
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