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  1. Mkay.

    Totaly missed that part of the post.
  2. An excerpt from this post:
    Confirming the location of the scientist once more, she too, then leaps through the hole created by the explosions. She makes a mad dash towards the scientist, using invisible barriers to shield herself from harm as she does. This would likely cause some confusion to those who had tried attacking her. Once she reached the scientist, she surrounds herself and the scientist, including the tube he is being housed in, with another invisible barrier.

    To all who are currently engaged in battle! None of you could hope to touch this scientist now. For I, Astraea Aldaine an avid Pirate, have claimed him. And the things which I have claimed receive the ultimate protection.
  3. Hey. I'm a bit confused with your post.

    Since when do you have Ceto? I'm under the impression he's still in RA hands.
  4. The Screamer [Pic]
    The Screamer is one of the 50 Ryo Wazamono grade swords, taken from Admiral Naix during his downfall in the Four Nations. It s a long katana with a double-bladed edge. It's sheath and pommel form a hinge mechanism that blasts the sword with extreme speed through a busrts of air, allowing for even faster and more powerful iai techniques.
  5. But my NPC is stealthy.. not meant for sparring.
  6. Yuki! Let's fight with our NPCs. >:O

    You'd rather fight my male swordsman, or my woman wax DF? O.o
  7. Yeah, it's just been a LONG time since I've fought with a Fighting Style.. I'm used to being purely DF based.
    Though, I was more worried about doing all of that while having been burned + taking an air blast to the chest... but I guess people have survived worse with less Vitality.

    The 80 in DF is to give me my Gear Second ability when I hit 60.
  8. If I was you, I'd go 61 strength instead of 80 DF. Put DF at 61, and use those almost 20 points to put strength to 61. With 61+ FS and Strength, you can cut steel with those high-sped special attacks. That's a nasty combination using blood as supplementary.

    I did that with wax DF and Snatoryu back in NW. I don't know, it just seems to me you have used more swords than DF in this battle, yet you have a whopping 80 DF. o.O
  9. If you meant in swordsmanship (as that's what I guess you're referring to), I'd say no. You could do more.

    Current post-timeskip Zoro is 81+ FS, while Mihawk is 100 FS. That would mean that pre-time-skip Zoro has 61+ FS from the moment he did airblades in Skypiea (airblades is 61+). This would mean every technique after would be within 61-80 FS. This includes Rashomon, Tatsumaki, Shihi Sonson, and the ultimate tech he did against Oars. What you did was basically Oni Giri a few times.

    But you should continue to combine your blood and sword techs into one, like you're doing. Tornado of blood and cutting wind. @_@
  10. Hey, a quick question.. (nothing to do with your post).
    As likely one of the only people (if not the only one) to read that last turn of mine, would you say I overestimated myself? I wasn't entirely sure, but I went with it regardless.
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