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  1. I'll update again. Knowing Bad he'd also post today. So it's no big deal.
  2. I was planning to try and post in a few hours if you wanted to wait, or don't mind updating again around then.
  3. I see. Well take your time. For the moment I'll move a bit forward with Bad. I can easily extend Bad's part.

    It'll prevent me from loosing interest.
  4. It's not that. It is just that I am a bit bored with my blood user's skill set. I feel like I am either 0 or 100 with it, with no in between. :x
  5. Btw, let me know if you're not interested anymore in the quest. Cause Bad won't be able to clear it unless you partake. But if I know you aren't interested any more(which I understand) do let me know so I can change things.
  6. Lemme know if there is an issue with my GR post.
  7. post in the quest.
  8. Ah yes, apologies I've edited that in.
  9. Forgot something in your post.

    Meanwhile, Schwarz, who had also heard the man called Drake mention 4, was worried she had been discovered by someone other than Weiss. She decided to confirm this tragedy, and fired an arrow at his skull. If he does react to her shot, she would react accordingly. If he did not, then hopefully Hypnos and Kim could capitalize on it. However, based on what Weiss said, she is expecting the former.
  10. wanna fight?
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