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  1. Nah the explosion only happens when she gets squished.
  2. If Akari avoids the crash, will the placenta like weapon still explode?
  3. Got it!
  4. Yes. They aren't mentioned again because they are defeated. Though, the one Reji attacked is still alive, but unable to move for now.
  5. Btw, since you didn't write anything about it in your post. Did my attacks on the strong smash work? If so may I assume they're out of the way for now?
  6. Yes, it's part human now. It's the reason why I can use Haki now as well. The other creatures couldn't do that.
  7. Before I make a post about it, can I detect this new thing using mantra?
  8. I'll update again. Knowing Bad he'd also post today. So it's no big deal.
  9. I was planning to try and post in a few hours if you wanted to wait, or don't mind updating again around then.
  10. I see. Well take your time. For the moment I'll move a bit forward with Bad. I can easily extend Bad's part.

    It'll prevent me from loosing interest.
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