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  1. I'm gonna try being more active again too. I miss everyone from AC. I wouldn't even mind some new people, we need to bring back some life to this place. D:

    I got a PS Vita too. I've had that for awhile now. Persona 4 Golden is great. What games do you like playing on 3DS? I bought Stella Glow for it. It's pretty neat so far.
  2. Haha no worries dude, I might not have even read it. Only just started being more active on the forums this past week or so.
    Dope that you got a job. I'm currently looking for internships and shizz so I feel (at least some) of the struggle lol.
    3DS is dope, I can't find my charger for mine tho -_- gotta dig around and find the damn thing at some point as I still haven't finished the Ocarina of Time D:
  3. Hi bro, sorry for the super late reply. Been busy with life and stuff. This place is dead, but it brings back memories. Yes, we should catch up. I finally got a job and bought a Nintendo 3DS. XD
  4. Not gonna lie, I forgot about this place for a while.
    Hope you had some luck with the job search^ Poke me if you see this, we should catch up!
  5. Uni was hard when I attended. I finished, but can't find any jobs yet.

    I wish there was a way to call everyone back. I miss how active AC used to be.
  6. Haha it's always dead here. I come back for old friends though
    Nah, life (uni) is eating me alive
  7. Not too long ago. But I came back and it's more dead than it was before. D:

    How is everything? Not a mod anymore?
  8. When did you come back :O
    (says the guy who's been gone forever)
  9. Claw.
  10. Holy ****, it's vegebro!
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