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  1. And now it appears to be over. </3 Gonna miss you Vegetto. Stay in touch via the discord if you can!
  2. Yeah, it's so empty right now. Everyone else moved on and are busy with life and stuff. Some haven't posted in years. Mine keeps getting busier too. They keep giving me long shifts at work and I work almost every day now. I'm playing 7th Dragon on 3DS right now. It originated on the PSP and the sequel came out on 3DS. It's very fun. I love turn based RPG's.
  3. Yeah I miss everyone too. That's why I keep randomly coming back whenever I've got a few spare moments Unfortunately for me, life just keeps getting busier.
    As far as 3DS games I don't really have too many. Other than Zelda I mostly played DS games (which I had a pretty big collection of). That backwards compatibility is sooo nice.
  4. I'm gonna try being more active again too. I miss everyone from AC. I wouldn't even mind some new people, we need to bring back some life to this place. D:

    I got a PS Vita too. I've had that for awhile now. Persona 4 Golden is great. What games do you like playing on 3DS? I bought Stella Glow for it. It's pretty neat so far.
  5. Haha no worries dude, I might not have even read it. Only just started being more active on the forums this past week or so.
    Dope that you got a job. I'm currently looking for internships and shizz so I feel (at least some) of the struggle lol.
    3DS is dope, I can't find my charger for mine tho -_- gotta dig around and find the damn thing at some point as I still haven't finished the Ocarina of Time D:
  6. Hi bro, sorry for the super late reply. Been busy with life and stuff. This place is dead, but it brings back memories. Yes, we should catch up. I finally got a job and bought a Nintendo 3DS. XD
  7. Not gonna lie, I forgot about this place for a while.
    Hope you had some luck with the job search^ Poke me if you see this, we should catch up!
  8. Uni was hard when I attended. I finished, but can't find any jobs yet.

    I wish there was a way to call everyone back. I miss how active AC used to be.
  9. Haha it's always dead here. I come back for old friends though
    Nah, life (uni) is eating me alive
  10. Not too long ago. But I came back and it's more dead than it was before. D:

    How is everything? Not a mod anymore?
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