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  1. 2D to 3D what? :O
  2. It's alright, really. :O
    I'm slowly jumping from 2D to 3D... It's scary, but exciting at the same time.
  3. Sorry for the late reply! I got busy with exams and such. Didn't do as well as I'd hoped either, so I really must study more
    Honestly I was just bored during my week long break from school so I figured I'd watch some anime for the first time in over a year lol. Buuuuuut then I didn't know what to watch which led me to remember this place (not that I ever really forgot) so I hopped on
    I used to be a mod so I always had some crap in my inbox. Peeps always causin' trouble ya know :P
    Still need to poke around with that avi for you whenever I get the time! I haven't forgot
  4. Just my life.
    He is one of the more active mainstays. What brought up your nostalgia in order to get you to log back on? I also did the same when I first logged back in. I had just finished The Fractured But Whole, and all of the "Character Sheet" talk in it made me miss my RP days. So that is what brought me back. >_> I do too, but I also want a forum component alive still. As it works the best for RPs which is my main draw here. Mista Populah. I didn't have many notifications back in AC or back during this sites prime.

    We must petition the internet bossu's.

    Well, alright. Perhaps fiddling with this? As anything you do will be infinitely better than what I could manage, I assure you, it'll be fine.
  5. Haha that is a tricky situation indeed.
    Indeed. I see Bad is at ilke 60k posts lol. I'm glad I popped back on though. Reading through some old threads really kicked up some nostalgia for all the good times I had here, and all the awesome people I met. T'was truly an incredible time & I hope that one day this community is revived. Perhaps not on a forum (as they appear to be less fashionable these days) but maybe some other kind of chat thingy. I really miss the days of hopping on and having every thread with new unread posts + tons of notifications from the VMs and PMs and stuff.

    Yeah. AF/(AC) emojis are the best, I need them everywhere

    Nuuuuuuu don't feel bad!!! I wouldn't say I'd do it if I didn't want to. I've been meaning to make new stuff recently anyway. Though I'm probably always going to be trash at avys lol.
    Though I'd be lying if I claimed to have any idea what I'd do anyway
  6. I'm in a "I want Y to happen, but before Y can happen, X needs to happen. However, I don't see X happening until Y does. So I'm screwed." situation.
    Yeah, some mainstays keep this place going.
    I know the feeling. I've also caught myself typing only for the cactus not to appear, and then go "Oh, right."

    Nooooo. I didn't say that wanting you to make me one. D:
    I feel bad now.
  7. Ahh yes, been there & done that too. Though currently I'm feeling more on the positive side. I'm not where I want to be, but I (think?) I have a clear path forward to get to where I want to be.
    Man that sucks It's nice to see that some familiar faces are still around though.
    Also these emojis, holy hell. You've no idea how much I wish I could use the face everywhere

    I'll give em a look. Got nothing better to do this weekend anyway :P
    And I'm awful at making avys. I don't even think I made one to go with that sig originally. Their just so small that idk what to put in them D:
    If you've got an image or an idea of what you want I could always give it a shot though I'm rusty and haven't fired up PS in a while so don't expect much :P
  8. Or it leads to frustration which manifests itself in stupid decisions which leads you towards the worse end of things. >_>
    Well, specifically the OP section. The rest of the RP section is dead. I am only watching Super, and I was watching Hero Academia before the season ended.

    Thanks! Using the set now. Wish I had a more suitable avy though. It kind of clashes with the siggy.
  9. Fair enough. It's that wanting to be better that gives us progress anyway, as being complacent can only get ya so far.
    Man, the RP section is like a goddamn zombie. That place never dies lol. I've missed the site quite a bit recently as well. On top of which I haven't watched any new anime in over a year & this is really the only place I know to come for recommendations

    I absolutely still do. Here's an updated link.
  10. I could be better, not gonna lie. But I could be worse, so I am only complaining a moderate amount. ;p
    Pretty much the only people left are the OP RPG people. I missed the site too, and kind of missed RP, so I rejoined about 3 weeks ago now.

    You wouldn't happen to have the Shiki request you did for me a while back would you? All that is there in the request thread is a dead photoshop link. </3
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