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  1. Make sure you do! Especially now that the site's shutting down. Hop on the discord or something!
  2. I think I have disappeared again. Actually I don't have my laptop atm. I hope to get it back soon. I will keep in touch.
  3. Yeah that they do. It's easy to remember only the good parts of the past and get caught up in nostalgia, but the future is good too
    I'm not working right now as I'm still in school, but I did just do a couple interviews for summer jobs so hopefully those went well.
    It's so awesome that your daughter is growing up! Is she still in school?
    I'm currently a single pringle or whatever the kids say these days, but that may change soon :P Yeah I'm not too worried about settling down just yet. Got to finish my degree and then I'll see where life takes me.
    I'm glad you're still around too. It's nice to have someone to talk to so don't disappear on me!
  4. Well things change as life goes on right? You are working too? That is awesome! Oh my daughter is doing good. She lives with her bf now. She is going to be 18 in 3 months but she is already so mature for her age. Her bf is a little older but he seems to be treating her right. Hbu? Any special one in your life? You have your whole life ahead of you so you have plenty of time before settling down xD. I am glad that you are still around.
  5. Yeah I imagine. Honestly I'm so busy that I only hop on to chat/watch anime when I'm on break, so I defo get where you're coming from.
    It's great that you got a promotion at work! sucks that you've gotta do more though (then again, that's the nature of these things :O). Glad that you're doing well. I guess it's the same with everyone, the better life gets the less time one spends on anime and forums and such. It's a good thing honestly. I am grateful for all you guys because AC/AF was there for me when it wasn't so good and that's something that I'm not gonna forget. But at the same time life gets better and we gotta move on and actually live it^
    How's your daughter btw?
  6. Yea I know it has. To be honest I didn't think I would either. I have been busy being married and stuff xD. I got a new position at work with more responsibility as well as the nice raise with it. So many up and downs. I do miss the old days but I guess getting older just changes things as well as being married. I hope you are doing well too^^
  7. Boop. How've you been? It's been a while (I honestly thought you left for good :O)
  8. Well its my first red car. Sometimes i forget its red. But its a nice car. Well she plays the flute. She is 3rd chair which is pretty awesome. well try to keep afloat. the fact that you are doing what you need to do in itself is a great thing
  9. Flashy :P

    Science related stuff. Band is fun, takes a lot of time though.
    Too late, already drowning
  10. Oh its just a Toyota Corolla lol. But its pretty and red xD...Has all kinds of stuff inside ^^

    I still have my old car. Just for back up. What kind of internships are you looking for? Its hard to imagine you are getting older lol. My daughter will be 15 in May. She is in concert band and the swim team. She is really excited about it. Its hard not to drown in homework. But im sure you can handle it.
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