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  1. Sorry for the wait. I was waiting on Yami. The post is here:
  2. I'm waiting on Yami to post for you both. I'll post tomorrow night if he hasn't posted by then.
  3. In FoS, you can take your leave, get out of the Campaign, and take the rewards. Or you can continue. Your choice.
  4. Posted in FoS. If you and Yami can post quickly, I can make the conjoined post sooon thereafter. The cnjoined post is the post that will tie everything together.
  5. I'm going to need to drop Transylvania, bro. I'm really sorry. Finals coming up, and I really don't have the time nor motivation to finish. Also, I really don't want to hold up your characters; I realize I have been slow to post, with work and all. Again, my apologies. <3
  6. No problem.
  7. Hey. I'm going to have Hype RP Oogie Boogie, since I don't want to fight myself. I'm waiting on him, otherwise I'd have posted already Sorry for the inconvenience. :O
  8. I edited now.
  9. Right. My fault, I'm sure.

    Initial mission was to infiltrate the castle and obtain the plans for the opening of Tequila Wolf, where the last lineage of one of the families will be there. The RA wants to end a family of the 20 Tenryubito families. This is extra information collected through your travels in the castle:
    -Castle seems to be vampire facility
    -Blood banks held people
    -Walls stated "Beasts of...", before blurring
    -Children bet on pints of blood
    -2/3 of the alarm has gone off

    Let me know when you have edited!
  10. Oh. I uh sorta forgot what was our goal >.> I figure I should ask something in relation to that.
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