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  1. so life kinda hit you like a brick wall and zan couldn't handle it?

    well as long as they are making you feel better and if you make it back to school/work it will help you get you mind back on track

    so anything else been happening that has been keeping you around and about that is putting you in a good mood
  2. It's a long story ^ ^

    Yeah, the meds have actually helped a lot though, so I'm not too down about taking them.

    Pretty much got sick, had to stop working, things ended, moved back home and then had a bit of a breakdown.. stayed in a hospital for a while and now I'm just trying to stabilize and then get another job/ do school ^ ^ I'm trying to look on the bright side
  3. what happened with zan. I thought you were both so good together. and anti depressants? well life sucks but it has its good parts. so what happened with the whole mess and pulling everything back together
  4. Oh gosh, i wouldn't even know where to begin. I'm not doing that great, but I'm pulling things back together.

    Moved out, broke up with Zan, moved back to my parents, started taking antidepressants. Life pretty much ~
  5. hi teggy. long time no see how are you. I missed you. what have you been up to
  6. Kris!!! ~ hiya m.m
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