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  1. No.
  2. Any chance of you giving that ship you said you won to the Valkyrie cause? >_>
  3. Let me know if it is too presumptuous of me to know of your fruit. It seems like something that would spread, but I can change my post if you'd prefer.
  4. Works for me. Amaterasu isn't hard to pick a fight with anyway, seeing as she is arrogant and has a god complex.
  5. How does this sound?
    Timed Assault!

    Defender Astraea (Yuki)'s Win Condition: Survive for 5 turns.
    Attacker Amaterasu (Domo)'s Win Condition: Render Astraea unable to battle within 5 turns.

    Astraea has encountered a dangerous foe. The eater of the Pika Pika no Mi, Amaterasu. Unable to escape, she calls her crew for backup. The catch is, she must survive until they get there.

    As both parties are pirates there will be no penalties given for propery damage or civilian casualties.
    A turn is considered to be one post from each party.
    Anything else you may want to add.
  6. You planning on using Megumin's appearance for your "Megumin" FT character?
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