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  1. I posted a loan for you to approve in the tracker, kind sir. o:
  2. Just moved to a random candy building is all.
  3. Hey. Your last post in RRF said you used your wires to "relocate". Where did you relocate to? Just so I can respond ^_^
  4. Feel free to call me out if I step out of bounds for what I should be doing. :O
  5. Zelse posted. You may respond to him whenever you'd like. Lord Irvine will RP his character. I will bunny-hop your character if you have not posting in five days. Lemme give you a bit of backround of the story. You likely won't need any of it. The cameo is just for the fighting scene. I will give extra rewards for you and LIrvine for your cameos.

    Funeral of the Sky is a funeral for Oldgate and Majuro, the two men who ruled the Sky. Both well respected. Their deaths left the Sky up for grabs, which is why everyone is there. On SSP, they both died in a battle to prevent war between the Sky and the Ocean. In the funeral it was just revealed Torque and Irra were the ones who kille Oldgate and Majuro (we actually Rped this). All hell broke loose, as they are both at the funeral.

    Zelse is the previous chief of CP9 - master of Rokusiki. His assassination was ordered b/c vast knowledge he has of the Pols, and contradictory Justice he owns. CP's new wave is Absolute Justice.
  6. No prior knowledge needed. Iíll send a BM with general knowledge once Zelse posts.
  7. Oh, after another read of the post, Yoruko has had her appearance changed. It is a minor detail, rather than a young woman with horns, a blindfold can easily be mentioned instead.
    I don't need to know anything about the previous goings on in FoS right? I haven't been keeping up. I just need to fight Zelse like it were a spar?
  8. Iíd say about 3 days, until Zelse posts again. I can always GM Yoriko out, and let Irvine solo Zelse with Leonard. Itís no problem. Let me know!!

    Get better!
  9. How long do I have to decide? Just barely getting over something pretty nasty and I wanna make sure it is gone before committing to anything.
  10. Open invitation to use Yoruko to fight Zelse in FoS, the ex-chief of CP9, in an assassination mission. It is a cameo for a fighting scene; the character will only appear for the fighting scene. Here is the link. Naturally it comes with regular RP rewards, and should be great to set up future stories.

    Let me know if you're up for it!
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