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  1. hey i messaged you on discord lol
  2. I'm not against it, but I also have 0 experience with something like that. :x
  3. Hey. Do you wana make a campaign with me?
  4. posted. I'll collect. I gotta use it for my report i think
  5. Posted. After you post you can collect it, or shoot me another VM and I will collect it.
  6. I done did it. This has started a opportunity for character development in Ajani!!!!!
  7. Not sure if the Tracker is going to be updated today or not until next week, but 2 more posts from you and one more post from me will wrap this up.

    It was pretty ballin if i don't say so myself. *hoho's at pun*
  9. No worries. I understand. The heat never bothered me much.... but my girlfriend is super pale.. and can't handle anything over like 74 degrees
  10. Posted. Guess my posts are gonna come during the late night-early morning period as it is when the heat bothers me the least. x.x
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