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  1. It's all good... Renovations have destroyed my room. so my car is my temp room for the time.
  2. Why you been sleeping in your car? Is everything okay?
  3. Its... probably gonna be fine... :eeh:

    I'll buy a new one if it is important or something
  4. No worries. I'll post tonight. Just be prepared. Gonna crank that **** up. You might get a sword, but you be very likely to lose a limb
  5. I posted in Master. It was approved.
    I want the sword to be Goujian. I'm sure you know of it. The only difference I made was that it is made of Bronze and Meteorite.. and has a smoothed out chunk of Sea Stone in the butt of the pommel. Also it has a Sea King leather sheath.
  6. I told you that I don't mind adding it in.
    You just need GM approval. Simply post in master thread asking for approval to do a rank 1 quest
  7. Hey... could I find a rank 1 sword in this story we are doing?

    Also how do I get GMs to approve a quest for it
  8. I bet you are huehuehue
  9. True. Short is really good for any kind of grappling MA as long as you are flexible.. long arms just make it easier for your enemy to mess you up... I know from experience.
  10. I doubt it. Me and his Mama are short... Though, he's already flexible and has a great grip, so BJJ will be taught
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