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  1. technically we aint about royals, cause all the kings spoken about are strong, hands on types of people who fight in the front line. they are not fancy dressed royals sitting in a room

    as for how itll work, well, in terms of IC, it is stated that in the new leader's perspective, the previous RA failed cause it was too small, centralized, individualistic. so this one is making Kings join into the RA to use entire free kingdoms to liberate those kingdoms that are with the WG, thus shaving down the WG's strength and uprooting them.
  2. He's The Demon King.
    but yeah, that's what makes me weary about joining. seems like a bunch of royals and taka ain't about that life.
    seems a bit too far away from canon for my taste, but I was hoping to get some perspective how the RA would function on a more realistic level, like in a free roam or a campaign where there are no armies and ****.
  3. mmm... well, good enough

    but i have no idea how to include him in whats going on atm, cause it involves kings who will become commanders, and takamura is no such thing, he's not a king or a leader of any type of army
  4. Joining with my main, Takamura D. Genryusai.
    He's a former slave that was forcefully fed a devil fruit on Mariejois by the NAG leader.
    After escaping, he heard rumors of the RA reforming under new leadership and has been seeking them out.
  5. with who are you joining, whats supposed to be your backstory or affiliation, etc..
  6. huh, what a mystery. oh well!
    how should I go about this RA situation?
  7. i had like 2 posts there
  8. I mean I joined briefly but I don't remember being in anything but Bleach for a short amount of time.
    You weren't on AC at all?
  9. Werent you on NW?
  10. Then how did we know each other!? lol
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