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    Takamura D. Genryusai
    Pirate Captain, no crew as of yet
    Reason: With nothing but a small dingy and no navigational skills to speak of, Takamura's journey from Mariejois into the New World was filled with disaster. He escaped with his life, but now death crept upon him once more as the unforgiving ocean threatened to starve and dehydrate him. Each time he came close enough to see an island, a sudden storm would blow him off course and back into the open ocean. Finally, after days without fresh water, living off of raw fish meat, he was brought to a secluded island in what seemed to be the middle of no where, even amongst the infinite ocean. With nothing to lose, he made his way onto the mysterious island, unsure of what to expect.

    Not sure if I needed one of those, since the campaign has already started, but did it anyway lol
    Should I just read over the thread and literally pick up where Bomb left off, or...?
  4. btw, you've been raffled to take the campaign spot. I added you since I saw in the OCC thread that you wanted to join. So with which char do you want to participate?
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