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  1. It has been so long. How have you been? Wait, I was your uncle in AC right? :P
  2. holy moly its you. hey and hallo
  3. Hey. m.m
  4. Hi.
  5. I'm doing great hon. I missed you.
  6. *Hugs* Thank you. ^_^

    I haven't been on at all lately, I kinda miss AC. It's not the same. :P

    Have you played Pokemon X/Y? My brother has the game, he bought a 3DS XL just for it. What animes are you watching? ^^
  7. it's you :O welcome back

    n.n i'm doing good , i started playing vn's again and watching some animes this fall.
  8. Arc, nice set. ^^

    How have you been? Been awhile.
  9. Photoshop mostly but yesterday i got an error at some point and had to finish in gimp
  10. Ilya and leiv's RP is on with many AC's alive and kicking. tell those obnoxious bastards i said hi! n.n
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