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  1. Bari is a superpower. I ain't need no Reggie.
  2. Well, Superman has superpowers, Batman has a utility belt/batmobile and Sentai Pink has a Reggie

    We'll see how things turn out. But can be interesting to explore things during the quest.
  3. Like a hero of justice has time for such trife things.

    Depends on how the event plays out. I am in for it though, as this is also my Conquerors Haki quest.
  4. I feel like we should create some sort of weird friendship between Sentai Pink and Reggie. Nothing romantic, just an awkward friendship.
  5. Lol. We posted at the same time.
    Sure. I'll edit.
  6. Please edit your post to react to my thumbs up.

    It will be hilarious, I know it.

    If you don't want to, that's fine too. :O
  7. I would advise against it, but it isn't that big of a deal I would think.
  8. Yo
    About COD. Do you think that it's a good plance If I joined Shiro on the roof of the tank ?
    Trying to see my option, since his devil fruit might not have a good impact on mine (Doku).
  9. I dunno. I am doing CRS IC, COD, GMing something in COD and doing something in GR.
  10. Currently working on a Mink Pirate.

    I was wondering if you can GM a quest when I have him made (it will be done today) ?

    The quest is quite simple. It's a quest for gaining an infamous reputation.
    I don't know if you feel like it might interest you.
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