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  1. I just got home, but I'm bout to work on my post now
  2. I am going to update a bit later than I planned. I woke up later than I expected to, and now dinner is being made. So I will post some time after I eat. Maybe you'll get a chance to squeeze a post in.
  3. I already told Hype so he knows the situation. But Imma have to take the L on tonight's update. I'll try to post tonight if my computer wants to work again. I've been sitting at the same screen for 30 minutes so I'm like **** it. Send me flying lol, unless Guren made it in time before that happens.
  4. Aight, I just got off work and it's around 4:18am for me. I'll try to make my post 12 hours from now. And I'll be posting to Hype's thing also. Just got off work and I'm tired
  5. It is 2 am atm for me, I will likely go for around 7pm.
  6. What time you tryna update it tomorrow?
  7. On its last legs.
  8. I'm assuming the smash that I hit with the rokuougan is ko'd
  9. Well since you like K pop you might like some V pop. Search it up if you want?
  10. Nope.
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