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  1. hey we started the event, we are just waiting on you and two others to respond before we can get started
  2. Already took care of you
  3. Mission issue fixed
  4. Its only the beginning struggle of an rp. It takes time for people to be drawn to it
  5. Nobody is interested in my rp
  6. Hhhmm maybe.... I might us that idea to make a scale
  7. Hmm, normally I can come up with a basis for a system in a few minutes but its hard with sports and guns. Maybe have a practice type thing where x put of 10 shots are made and practicing can increase that? Not really sure but its something that might give you some ideas
  8. Oh. If I get this Kuroko no Basket rp going. It will be top priority. Hopefully people will be interested.... I've been workin on it for days now.. but I need to sort of figure out how to do this whole playing the game fairly... making it challenging... but fun.. because its impossible to make every single shot you throw up. Even NBA Stars are sinking like.. 60% or so at best
  9. Ah ok. Hope they all go well! I've been a GM plenty of times so I can say you only get from your members as much as you put in for your own RP so hold that as the highest to help your rp. It takes something new to gain interest and it takes great, active GMs doing what they have to do to keep things going to keep members. When people see you posting for a while in other rp's and OOC's yet the rp is waiting for you yo make a post in your own to move things along, it makes people lose interest really quick and it just angers them if you say your too busy but they see you chatting it up. (From experience done in other rp's and talking to its members). My advice to you. I see your passionate about this so I want it to work for you if you would consider it advice
  10. Aight. Fair enough, sir. I am gunna be joining OP.. it always seems to be strong.. but im also gunna start another rp soon.... I hope to be active in all three though D;
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